a Journey of identities

"Each object in our museum captures the emotions of the garden cities'inhabitants. Moreover their memories are held safe in our archives."

Jan Kohlbacher (Austrian, Museum of the Miner's House)

"While growing up I had the chance to get acquainted with many different

cultures and to mix them with my Moroccan roots. My father worked

underground for 25 years, for which I admire him very much. Through his

choice to come to Belgium, he has created the opportunities for me to start

my own business."

Fabiola Zahir (Moroccan, entrepreneur)

"My lyrics reflect the brave journey of the Italian miners to the Hoge Kempen,

leaving their families behind in search for a better future. Together they have

built the extraordinary community we live in today, characterized by pride,

respect, and coherence."

Gianluca Nobile (Italian, rapper and youth worker)

"It gives me so much pleasure to preserve the heathlands as it has been

done for hundreds of years. My sheep and I make people enjoy the purple

landscape every summer."

Kris Bertels (Belgian, herdsman)