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7 reasons why to welcome us on the unesco world heritage list


As a unique example of transformation in a changing world, the landscape and the nomination trajectory tackle the UNITED NATIONS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS. In its essence it offers new opportunities for creating sustainable and peaceful communities while giving an answer to the challenges  of preserving common values in a dynamic and evolving environment.   


The landscape is of great ADDED VALUE to complete the List with a fascinating episode in men’s history. In its association of rural and industrial traces it makes us fully understand how a landscape and its inhabitants have gone through and experienced the transition from a small-scale, locally towards a large-scale globally oriented economy and society. 


The concept of a bio-cultural landscape, exemplifies the past and contemporary human quest of finding smart, skilled solutions for living. It gives an answer to the challenges and opportunities by using the landscape as a resource of knowledge and practices.


Numerous treasured memories, long-lived aspirations, and valued traditions are reflected in the life stories of today's multicultural society. These shared values are the exceptional, intangible building blocks of the physical landscape and have shaped the community’s identity and sense of belonging.


The landscape acts as a source of inspiration for current and future generations. Its assets are a catalyst for education, economic development, innovation, and social cohesion.


A vast and impressive Management Plan guarantees direct impact on the quality of the landscape and the well-being of the society.


The Management Structure involves all relevant players, is effective, internationally orientated, community based, and scientifically supported. It is permanent, and dedicated to cash the opportunities of a World Heritage listing.

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